All upholstery will get dirt, dust, sand, grit, dust mites and other pollutants over time, and will eventually need Upholstery cleaning Wyre Piddleprofessional cleaning; not only to maintain living in a healthy and allergy free environment, but to extend the life of your upholstery and save you a fortune over time. Our safe, non toxic cleaning solutions will restore your upholstery and keep them looking as close to new as possible, and for longer with the added protective treatment.

We will identify the fibres, construction and any problem areas before cleaning to choose the best possible method of cleaning that’s not only the most effective but safe, so no over-wetting, colour bleed or penetration damage will occur.

In most circumstances the process below is the most thorough and safe method for dealing with the majority of upholstery, but with endless blends of fibres out there we can advise at the quotation stage what’s best for your upholstery.

  • Thorough vacuuming using our upholstery dedicated equipment. We don’t vacuum your upholstery with a potentially dirty vacuum that has been used on carpets.
  • Specialist treatment to spots and stains and other areas of concern such as body contact areas.
  • Pre-treatment of all areas to be cleaned using micro-splitter technology (no detergents, no solvents, no enzymes)
  • Agitation of solutions using hand tampico brush. This step is the most important as it is essential that the fabric is prepared for cleaning in this very professional way. The tampico brush is chosen as it gently massages the solutions to break the soil bond. Some cleaning companies use Tesco brushes!
  • Hot water extraction clean at 250 – 300 psi using CFR technology. This step cleans, sanitises, conditions and softens the fabrics. Our preparation techniques are thorough so less water is used to allow quicker drying times.
  • Grooming the pile of the fabric is the final touch
  • If you have chosen any specialist treatments such as Stainguard or dust mite elimination (long term) this will be applied before the grooming process.

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