Tiles and natural stone floors have never been more popular, to the point of an increased demand to restore those once unloved floors found under carpets and vinyl. They are a lasting feature of many homes, from the original Victorian floors to the more modern limestone, marble and porcelain floors. All of which we have vast experience and knowledge in dealing with, including work we have carried out on listed floors.

All have their own maintenance, cleaning and sealing challenges as soil is absorbed into grout lines, and the protection has broken down over the years by aggressive cleaning chemicals, allowing grease and dirt to penetrate into the surface of the tiles. Below we address the different types of stone and tile and what we can do to restore your floor to its former glory.

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We can clean and re-seal all natural stone floors including limestone, sandstone, slate and travertine. Using our contra rotating brushing machine, we can get deep into the grout lines and pores of the stone, and with the added benefit of our ‘truck mounted’ hot water extraction machine we can pressure wash at up to 1000 psi (an average car tyre is pressured at 30psi!) without splashing, as all the waste water and soil is simultaneously extracted.

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We can also re-seal your floor with our market leading impregnator sealers to provide various different appearances, or just a natural look, the choice is yours. With up to a 15 year life span, you can then relax to know your floor is protected to the highest possible level. This also seals your grout, often the weak link in a modern floor!

We also strip off old sealers from floors such as terracotta, Victorian and Minton floors as they require a wax or sealer to provide a finish, often which wears and breaks down allowing dirt to penetrate into stone. We then clean the stone as above and re-apply sealers and finishes to bring your floors back to life.

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Marble, some travertine and even limestone can require re-polishing or honing, again a service we can offer in addition to cleaning and sealing. We use diamond encrusted pads, similar to the effects of sandpaper, to remove minor scratches and etching and work through the grades to a final high sheen polish.

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Most porcelain and ceramic floors are impervious so don’t require sealers or finishes, however many do have indentations to imitate natural stone, these can then trap dirt and grit. Again the grout lines can often be what lets a floor down, essentially a sand and cement mix, grout is very porous and will allow dirty mop water to soak in. Periodically a deep clean and re-seal on the grout joints will keep your floor looking tip top for years to come.

We also provide full cleans on bathroom floor and wall tiles including replacing old, discoloured, and often ineffective silicon seals around baths, shower trays and screens. Replaced with the best quality anti mold sealants, this will reduce the possibility of leaks and often major repair bills, whilst giving any bathroom that newly installed look.

To discuss any tile, grout or natural stone cleaning, please give us a call on 01386 640595, we cover all of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire with all these services and guarantee you will be thrilled with the results, or your money back!

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