Stain removal

Firstly, what should you do? The key to effective stain removal is to act fast, but try not to panic!

Our very own Professional Stain Remover

Our very own Professional Stain Remover

Remove any solids by scraping off carpet

Then blot, never rub or scrub, using WHITE towels or kitchen roll. Start from the outside of the spillage working in.

Then keep blotting! Use hands then your feet until you are convinced the carpet is dry. This can take some time and serious amounts of kitchen roll, the biggest failure at this point is giving up to early as it may appear to be removed but not yet completely dry.

Next using around 3-4cm of folded up kitchen roll, place over the stain with a heavy object on top, books etc are a good choice, just make sure they are protected from any moisture that may come through the kitchen roll.

After you have done this process, now is the best time to ring a professional, if for nothing more than to get advice on what to do next. This depends on a variety of factors including the offending spillage type; tea, coffee or red wine are a number of favorites! Also the construction of the carpet, wool, man-made or a blend are all factors of how to most effectively treat the potential stain.

Again, the above process is often forgotten as the spillage can appear to be gone before this point, however fibers in your carpet (especially wool) act as a great wick and hours later the stain re-appears, often the morning after. Generally leave the kitchen roll on overnight, or at least until we arrive!

Again, don’t rub or scrub, there are lots of tails and tips on the internet on how to remove stains but trust me, please don’t try them before talking to a professional first, some maybe effective if all the conditions are right, but often they aren’t and often more damage can be done than if you just left the spillage altogether.

We are always on hand to give free advice, and have a huge array of products and techniques to remove some of the most stubborn stains, many can be permanently removed if the above is carried out, and no products added until we arrive.

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Stain Prevention treatments

A lot of people have heard of Scotchguard, a trade mark brand name of which other similar products exist including Stainguard and many others.

The benefits of these products are all the same, to provide an invisible barrier to repel liquids from soaking into your carpets and upholstery as fast as it would untreated.

This gives you the home-owner a better chance of blotting up a spillage before it soaks in and leaves a stain. It also gives us the professionals a better chance of removing any remaining stain permanently.

Stain guarding your carpets and upholstery is something we highly recommend, especially if your carpets contain wool and your upholstery contains natural fibres.

We can apply Stainguard treatments to new carpets and upholstery on site, and sometimes at the retailers before delivery or installation where required. We also provide a certificate of application to manufacturer’s specifications for your records.

Stainguard treatments, as a general rule of thumb, last up to approximately 5 years including two professional cleans. We can give honest advice on stain guard treatments depending on your specific requirements and situation.

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