My First Blog!

Hello and welcome to Chris James Cleaning’s Blog!

This blog will be a mixture of case studies of our cleaning work across Worcestershire, interesting stories or articles I come across, and anything else I feel relevant……or not!

As mentioned in the title I’m new to this so please stay with me for hopefully some interesting posts in the future.

For now just a brief update on what we’re up too.

As you will hopefully already know we are a family cleaning business, myself Chris and my soon to be wife Nikki (August 14th this year!!) work tirelessly to provide Worcestershire with the best possible level of service, using state of the art industry leading equipment, whilst offering great value for money. We specialize in the professional cleaning of Carpets, Upholstery, Rugs, Leather, Tile and Grout, Natural Stone, Driveways and Patio’s.

We are currently working with the fantastic Ray Gillespie from Worcester Web Studio, on some new dedicated cleaning sites to be announced shortly, the first being our dedicated Pressure Washing site,

So exciting times for Chris James Cleaning, and hopefully for our customers too, as we continue to better our knowledge and skills to offer a comprehensive range of Professional Cleaning Services throughout Worcestershire.

I’ll leave you with a recent promotional video of mine produced by the brilliant Jo Cox at Polka Dot Productions,  Thanks again for all your support. Chris.